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Biogenetic Law

The biogenetic law, also known as the theory of recapitulation, was proposed by Ernst Haeckel in the 1860s, after reading Darwin’s book “The Theory Of Evolution” is a historical theory that from fertilization to internalization, the embryo of animals undergoes a series of of stages.

Biogenetic Law

similar to a series of adult stages of phylogeny by Etienne Serres Johann Friedrich Also known as the Meckel-Ceres law, developed by the work of Meckel. As the name suggests (recapitulation theory), it is often referred to as how ontogeny summarizes phylogeny.

His hypothesis is that the various stages in the development of an animal embryo repeat a series of early ancestral forms of the species. As a rule, careful examination of embryonic developmental stages feeds the process of studying diversity and life history.

He suggested that experts could assess the evolutionary relationships of taxonomic groups by drawing similarities with material from embryonic taxonomy and developmental stages. In addition, confirmation of embryonic development confirmed the hypothesis that all species grew from a common ancestor.


Something originates and develops from egg laying to the formation of the adult individual. It refers to the developmental history of something that has a life of its own. Developmental processes can have an impact on successive developmental stages, with individual traits developing as species mature. In cell biology, ontogeny is used to summarize the growth of different cell types within existence.


It refers to the evolutionary history of the species. A phylogenetic tree is used to show the evolutionary relationships between different species and other organisms based on differences and similarities in their genetic and physiological characteristics. All life on earth is expressed by genes together.

This is based on the assumption that the most closely related species are very similar. The models deconstruct phylogenetic trees and ecological communities with available species data contributing radically new perspectives on biodiversity.

Applications Of Biogenetic Law

Researchers ensure that the child’s stages of cognitive and biological development are within the same developmental range as historically suggested. For more information on Biogenetics Law and related topics, register at BYJU’S.

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