History and Prehistory

Differences between History and Prehistory
Differences between History and Prehistory

The Differences between History and Prehistory is given here. The terms history and prehistory mark a milestone on humanity’s path from our most remote past to our present day. They are different and to understand it we must know the concepts that define them.

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It is the science that aims to study the past of humanity and the social sciences as a method of analysis. The period from the appearance of writing to the current date is called “history”.

It is the narration of any event, even real or imaginary (historical fiction with the aim of entertaining)

In the case of historical science, its purpose is to find out and verify the events that occurred and developed in the past, interpreting them objectively. In medicine, the term clinical history is used to record relevant medical data of the patient.

The past itself is also called history, is known as natural history at that point in which humanity was not present especially in sciences such as geology, paleontology, and archeology.


Prehistory is the period from the appearance of the first hominids to the first record of the existence of written documents, a fact that occurred for the first time in the Near East around 3300 BC. C.

According to other authors and scholars, prehistory ended in some regions of the world long before this date, when the first sedentary states and civilizations began to emerge.

According to modern history, the term prehistory no longer has any real meaning, since history is the happening of a man at any time, which is why history began since the human being began to exist.

Prehistory has no defined limits since neither the arrival of the human being nor of writing nor of civilizations occurred at the same time throughout the planet.

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Differences between History and Prehistory

  • History is all the events and deeds of humanity since writing is recorded in civilizations. However, prehistory is also considered history since history is considered the record of everything that happened to humanity.
  • Prehistory is all the events that occurred from the appearance of the first hominid to the invention of writing.

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