Racism and xenophobia

Difference between Xenophobia and Racism
Difference between Xenophobia and Racism

The Difference between Xenophobia and Racism is given here. Racism is an exacerbated feeling of the racial sense of an ethnic group, which causes discrimination and persecution of other ethnic groups. It also defines the political ideology based on that sentiment. Xenophobia is hatred, hostility, or disgust towards foreigners.

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It is that exacerbated feeling of a racial sense of an ethnic group or race, which causes discrimination or persecution against other races or ethnic groups. This term also defines anthropological doctrine or political ideology based on that sentiment.

Racism is defined as any distinction, restriction, or exclusion motivated by race, color, lineage, or national or ethnic origin that aims to nullify or undermine the recognition or exercise in conditions of equality of human rights and political and social freedoms, cultural and economic.

Racism in a broad sense separates one group from others and considers that both are distanced by immutable inheritances that make the other group inadmissible and threatening beings. This leads to segregation, discrimination, expulsion, or extermination. This type of racism can be supported by scientific ideas, religious ideas, legends, and traditional sentiments.

Racism in a restricted sense is a type of doctrine of scientific appearance that is affirmed that the hereditary biology of the intellectual and moral capacities of a person and the division of the human groups in races. In other words, it is a type of racism based on supposed scientific evidence.

Racist values, attitudes, and systems establish a hierarchical order that justifies the privileges and advantages enjoyed by the dominant group.


Xenophobia is a feeling of rejection, fear, and hatred towards foreigners. It manifests as contempt, rejection, threats, physical attacks, and even murders. It is often linked to racism.

Xenophobia is the fear of the foreigner. It is a prejudice ingrained in individuals and in society. In its mildest form, it presents itself as indifference and lack of empathy towards the stranger but can go as far as physical assault and murder in the most serious cases.

Xenophobia alters perception and causes in individuals the fear of losing their jobs, rights, and culture due to immigration.

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Difference between Xenophobia and Racism

  • Xenophobia is the aversion or rejection of foreigners. It is the fear of that which is not part of one’s own culture.
  • Xenophobes reject a person not because of their race or color, but because they are alien to the culture they practice.
  • Racism is based on the exacerbated sense of racial belonging. This leads people to take a person’s race into account to despise it.
  • Racists hate and treat people they consider an inferior race with contempt.

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