Tornado and hurricane

Differences between Tornado and Hurricane
Differences between Tornado and Hurricane

The Differences between Tornado and Hurricane are given here. Tornado and hurricane are two completely different natural phenomena. Tornadoes are much smaller but destructive phenomena, while a hurricane is a climatological phenomenon of great proportions, highly destructive if it reaches the coast of a country.

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They are an air mass with high angular velocity, their lower part is in contact with the Earth and their upper part with a cumulonimbus cloud or a cumulus cloud (vertically developed clouds, the first is an anvil-shaped and the second is of a size less)

They are a cyclonic atmospheric phenomenon of the high energy density of the earth of little extension and duration (they can last from a few seconds to more than an hour)

Tornadoes can come in many shapes and sizes. Its most common form is that of a funnel cloud surrounded by a cloud of debris and dust. They have winds that reach speeds of between 65 and 180 km / h. They can be up to 75 meters wide and can travel several kilometers.

The most destructive tornadoes can spin at 450 km / h and be up to 2 km wide. Most tornadoes occur in Tornado Alley in the USA and in Tornado Hall in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.


They are known as tropical cyclones, they are a closed circulation storm system that revolves around a low-pressure center, produces abundant rain and strong winds.

Hurricanes draw their energy from condensation in humid air, which produces strong winds. They feed on the warmth of the oceans. Depending on their strength, they can be considered a tropical depression, a tropical storm, and a hurricane.

The term “tropical” is due to the origin of storm systems (in intertropical areas of the planet). The term cyclone is due to their rotation. In the northern hemisphere, it rotates counterclockwise and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere.

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Differences between Tornado and Hurricane

  • The tornado is an atmospheric phenomenon that originated in a cumulonimbus cloud or cumulus clouds. Kilometers are traveled for several minutes and hours.
  • Hurricanes are powerful natural phenomena that originate from storm systems in warm oceans.

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