Republic and monarchy

Differences between Republic and Monarchy
Differences between Republic and Monarchy

The Differences between Republic and Monarchy are given here. In the history of humanity, there have been numerous methods of government in societies. The oldest is the monarchy, then democracy followed.

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The term republic comes from the Latin respublĭca whose meaning is public or public. It is a political system that is based on the rule of law or constitution and the equality of all citizens before it.

This aims to stop the possible abuses of those people with greater power such as the government and the majorities. In the republics, the fundamental rights and civil liberties of citizens are protected.

In a republic, rulers are selected by vote. The electorate is the origin of its legitimacy and sovereignty.

A republic should not be confused with democracy. In the republic, the government is the law and democracy is the government of the people.

The republic is the way of governing in countries where the people have sovereignty and the power to exercise power.


The term monarchy comes from the Latin monarchĭa, and this in turn comes from the Greek monarchía. It is a form of government or state in which the position of head of state is personal, strictly one-man, or a formal regency formed by several authorized persons.

The government can be for life and designated by a hereditary order or selected by a specific group.

A monarchical state is ruled by a monarch or king and is called a monarchy or kingdom. The power of the king can be identified with sovereignty or be limited or subject to constitutional regulation.

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Differences between Republic and Monarchy

  • In the republic, the rulers are elected by vote. It is the government of a state of law.
  • In the monarchy the position of maximum power is for life and hereditary, the power of the king may be limited by a constitution as it happens in current monarchies.

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