State and Nation

Differences between state and nation
Differences between state and nation

Differences between state and nation are given here. Many people often use the terms state and nation synonymously. To understand how they differ, it is necessary to know their concepts.

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A-State is the form of political organization with sovereign and independent power that makes up the population of a territory. It is related to the political, economic, and social organization made up of a set of institutions with the power to regulate life in society. It designates the sovereign countries recognized before the international order. It also defines the set of powers and governing bodies of that country.

A-State is composed of territory, sovereignty, and population.

The concept of the State differs according to the authors consulted, generally, the State is defined as the set of institutions that have authority and power to establish the norms that regulate the behavior of a society, it has internal and external sovereignty within a territory determined.

The classic definition of the State is a unit of independent domination of the exterior and interior that acts continuously with means of power and clearly delimited on a personal and territorial level.


The term Nation has two acceptances, the political one, which follows a juridical-political political sphere based on the constituent sovereignty of a State and the cultural nation a more subjective and ambiguous socio-ideological concept.

A nation is defined as a human community with common cultural characteristics with an ethical and political sense.

It is a human community with a proper name that is associated with a national territory, with common myths and ancestors with historical memory. They share elements of culture and solidarity. Nations build their people, build convictions, solidarity, and fidelity.

A political nation is the holder of sovereignty, affecting the implementation of the norms that govern the operation of the State. A cultural nation has the conscience of contributing a differentiated ethical and political body that shares cultural characteristics.

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Differences between state and nation

  • A state is a set of organizations and institutions with sovereign power that organize the behavior of a society in a political, economic, and social way.
  • A nation has two concepts, political and cultural. It is defined as a human community with common cultural characteristics in a cultural and political sense.

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