Difference Between Ligaments and Tendons

The most obvious difference between tendons is that tendons connect bone to skeletal muscle, while tendons connect bone to bone. In both of these studies, fibroblasts are a clear cell type that makes up the set of connective tissue.

Difference Between Ligaments and Tendons

Tendons are strong and flexible, while tendons are flexible and elastic. Both play an important role in muscle and bone, and are made up of healthy cells. They are rich in collagen.

Arteries and veins are an integral part of circulation in all higher organisms. The main differences between arteries and veins are summarized in the table below.

Difference Between Ligaments and Tendons

Tendons Ligaments
Connects skeletal muscles to bones Connects bones to bones
Tough and elastic Elastic
Connects the end of the muscles to bones Connects the end of the bones at joints
Each muscle contains only one tendon. Each joint contains many ligaments
Proteoglycan content is low Proteoglycan content is comparatively more
White in colour Yellow in colour
Blood supply is poor Blood supply is just as poor
Fibroblasts lie in a continuous row Fibroblasts are scattered
The fibres are compact and present in parallel bundles They are not arranged in parallel bundles but are compactly packed
No such classification They are classified into three types, namely: Articular ligaments, Remnant ligaments and Peritoneal ligaments

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